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Jul 07th
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NJNRlogoW_opt is the perfect environment for your business to generate results!

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Welcome to, New Jersey’s premier source for local and international news. Consisting of well over 100 well-established writers and reporters, we proudly deliver well-sourced news to vastly educated and savvy consumers. Beginning as a strong unit of veteran Star-Ledger reporters with a vision, we evolved into something much more than just a news outlet, we became the pioneers of the FRESH, INDEPENDENT VOICE. We are the frontlines of refreshing and informing news.

We attract well over 250,000 unique visitors each month due to our unique style of reporting. We have successfully taken on and engaged in news angles that shocked both our state, and the world. Our vision and concept has successfully captured and delivered newsworthy reports ranging universally from the New York Jets’ football season to Lindsay Lohan’s continual fall from superstardom grace.

Our continual commitment to bring you up-to-the-minute news is strategically divided amongst our channels:

  1. "N.J. News"- Get the New Jersey Angle where we proudly deliver on the local news, events and announcements of our "Garden State." We present innovative depth and a unique look into our life and our culture.

  3. "U.S. News"- "Ask not what your country can do for you"… but how you can stay in tune with your country. And we, at, provide unbiased and impactful domestic and national news. Anticipate everything from political issues to religious issues.

  5. "World"- We put you in the center of international issues. We paint a visual picture of the world and it’s international stories. This section delivers up-to-the-minute, world affecting news. Expect to discover international-affecting articles including (but not limited to) Global Warming issues, Tsunamis in Japan, the current "War on Terrorism," continued tensions in Libya, amongst others.

  7. "Sports"- We’re in the Red Zone, folks. So, follow us as we bring to you stats and game coverage of all your favorite sports teams including the New York Jets, The New York Yankees, and the New Jersey Devils. In addition, we provide in depth reporting of New Jersey High School/College Athletics. Sports dilemma and controversy are featured predominantly on our "Sports" section.

  9. "Money"- The perfect haven for investors, business owners, entrepreneurs as well as everyday consumers. Our readers are informed through our investor relation columns, real estate updates and day-by-day market issues.

  11. "Entertainment"- North, Central and South Jersey. No matter what exit of the Garden State Parkway you find yourself in, there are a plethora of activities to partake in. Various venues ranging from wineries to amusement parks are prominently featured here. In addition, popular celebrity news is featured here as well!

  13. "Health"- We here at care about you and to prove it, we provide you with any upcoming advancement in medication, hospital, and disease. In addition, for the health conscious, we offer knowledgeable and unique alternatives to fit your style of living!

  15. "Sci/Tech"- For the technologically savvy in all of us, Sci/Tech offers the latest in technologic advancement. Social media, solar powered devices, animal welfare, our ecosystem and the ever-popular "Green Movement" are heavily featured here.

  17. "Life"- We do not see things as they are, rather we see them as WE are. offers modern, everyday newsworthy stories that are sure to spice up excitement and significance. Upcoming holiday information and scrumptious food recipes are established in this "Life" section.

  19. "Opinion"- Your opinion counts! Political outlooks, product comparisons and various other debatable subjects are key features in this section. Don’t agree with something you have read? Leave your feedback and comments!

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