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Jul 05th
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Need gas? Odd-even license plate fuel restrictions in New Jersey begin on Saturday

gaslines_optGovernor Christie announced a limited state of emergency gas rationing plan that will restrict the distribution of gasoline and diesel fuel within New Jersey to an odd/even number system based on a vehicle’s license plate.

The rationing plan begins on noon tomorrow (Saturday).

The restriction will be in place in 12 counties: Bergen, Hudson, Morris, Passaic, Essex, Middlesex, Monmouth, Hunterdon, Somerset, Sussex, Union and Warren

Those with license plates ending with an odd number can fill up tomorrow. Those with an even number can fill up on even days, starting with Sunday.

Those with specialized plates or those not displaying a number will be allowed to make purchases on odd-numbered days.

The executive order only applies to people with passenger vehicles.

The gas restriction is necessary because the Board of Public Utilities found that there is a gasoline "shortage of a dimension which endangers the public health, safety, and welfare," according to the executive order.

"As New Jerseyans continue the long process of recovering from Hurricane Sandy, it's imperative that our families have secure, reliable access to essential supplies like fuel,” Christie said in a statement.

“Right now, the impact of the storm, particularly the continuance of widespread power outages, has created the disorderly sale of gas – including long lines, out of operation stations, and stations facing shortages,” he said.

Comments (3)
3 Sunday, 04 November 2012 12:13
Can such plate get gas on any day?
2 Sunday, 04 November 2012 03:34
jimmy santiago
Like the subject (up above) states, I ask this question. How would people with canisters go about getting gas if they cannot mobilize their cars from home or wherever they are stuck at? Would they need their ID, Registration, and insurance to show that he or she is the owner of the vehicle or do they physically need to show the license plates just to get gas? My parent's car and my car cannot move from the driveway. Both cars are practically on E. One of them is past the line indicating Empty. Please, let me know how to go about this.
1 Saturday, 03 November 2012 23:27
You may want to re-word or give an example. A lot of people aren't understanding that it's going by the # an not the last symbol on the license plate.

License-plate gas restrictions in effect for 12 N.J. counties
Friday, November 2, 2012 Last updated: Saturday November 3, 2012, 5:39 PM
The Record

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"Motorists with license plates whose final number is an odd number can purchase gas only on an odd calendar day, while those with a final number that is even can go to the pump on even days under the executive order Christie signed on Friday night.  The final number can appear anywhere on the license plate." from The Record.

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